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GOYN works to create economic mobility for young people aged 15-29 who are out of school


The Global Opportunity Youth Network

The Global Opportunity Youth Network is a multi-stakeholder initiative committed to creating place-based systems shifts for youth economic opportunity.

Working with Anchor Partners situated in communities around the world, we work to create economic mobility for “Opportunity Youth” — young people aged 15-29 who are out of school, unemployed, or working in informal jobs.

Our approach focuses on multi-sector collaboration and participatory solution design with an emphasis on equity, systems-level change, and amplifying the voices of youth.


Building a Youth Employment Collaborative

GOYN collaboratives are led by local Anchor Partner institutions who convene and organize community leaders committed to expanding youth economic opportunity. Collaboratives conduct in-depth research and data-gathering to examine the causes and drivers of youth employment and identify a suite of priority youth employment pathways and policy advocacy activities to be accelerated.


Your GOYN Team

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Jamie McAuliffe

Founding Director, GOYN

Fatma Mubarak

GOYN Mombasa Youth Advisory Board Member


Key GOYN Partners

Global Map

GOYN Communities

In 2018, GOYN conducted a comparative study of 30 global communities to determine those most suitable and ready to implement a place-based systemic change approach. The first nine communities and Anchor Partners are:

Mexico City
Population: 9,209,944
Youth Employment Rate: 28%
Opportunity Youth: 617,950
Population: 2,105,707
Youth Employment Rate: 49%
Opportunity Youth: 305,033
Population: 4,120,000
Youth Employment Rate: 18.9%
Opportunity Youth: 250,000
São Paulo
Population: 12,325,232
Youth Employment Rate: 25%
Opportunity Youth: 766,000
Population: 1,296,000
Youth Employment Rate: 44%
Opportunity Youth: 373,000
Population: 1,154,086
Youth Employment Rate: 55%
Opportunity Youth: 255,000
Population: 8,351,224
Youth Employment Rate: 28%
Opportunity Youth: 868,697
Population: 3,900,000
Youth Employment Rate: 38.8%
Opportunity Youth: 220,000
Population: 1,490,474
Youth Employment Rate: 50.2%
Opportunity Youth: 303,620

Annual Report

GOYN Global Annual Report

Download the Global Opportunity Youth Network Annual Report to learn about our approach and impact!

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